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Thread: 3D Software for Vision 1624 Router

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    3D Software for Vision 1624 Router

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a Vision 1624 router and am looking for an affordable 3d software program that would allow me to engrave object with curves. A flask for example. Does anyone know of a 3D software program that would allow me to do this? I'm not looking to do 3D modeling. I just need to engrave objects that are not flat.
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    Being able to follow the contour requires having a 3D model of whatever object you are engraving on, whether you produce that model yourself or acquire it in another way. Vectric's VCarve Pro supports cutting on the surface of a single imported third-party 3D model; their Aspire software, which also does modeling, will allow for multiple 3D models from third parties as well as manipulation of them and creation of models from scratch.

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