I talked with a guy about milling some logs from trees on a development parcel he owns. He's in no particular hurry (good), and it could spread out over several years (also good). In my brief walk around a small portion of the property there were quite a few 24" walnut trees, as well as others I couldn't recognize of similar size and at least 25' clear to the first crotch. Whenever the trees get cut he can get the logs to the road and load them on my trailer to bring home which is only a mile away.

We're still in the feeling out stage but it's clear he wants a portion of the lumber (not slabs) rather than pay for me to mill it. My question to you all is what's a fair deal? He'll be supplying the logs, which most likely will end up as firewood if I don't mill them. I'll be milling and drying the lumber in my yet to be built solar drier. So, again, what's a fair % for each party? And beyond that, who get's the FAS and who gets the #2, etc.? What are those of you milling for shares doing so both parties are satisfied they are getting a fair deal? Thanks.