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Thread: looking for recommendation - trim router for routing small mortises

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    No. I have dust control on the plunge base on the 618, but the 600 is just free-wheeling.

    I have the DeWalt fan and I like to point it at the workpiece while Iím routing. It does a pretty good job of directing the dust and debris away from my face, but leaves me a bit of a mess to clean up. I roll up the door of the shop and blow it out when it gets too dusty.


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    BTW, the latest podcast of Shop Talk Live featured previous editor, Asa Christiana. I believe he wrote an article for the upcoming issue of FWW reviewing cordless trim routers. His arguments for going cordless are compelling: Don't have to worry about hitting the cord; most trim ops are not intense, so battery life is very good. Of course the balance is different from a corded...

    I am looking seriously at the Makita cordless, which uses the same bats as my other Makita cordless stuff.

    <off topic alert>
    I miss Asa. He and Ed were great on STL. They kept that podcast on topic and moving at a good pace.
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    I'm typically not a Ridgid guy, but after messing with several trim routers, i preferred the rack and pinion adjustment on the Ridgid corded trim router. No regrets after several months. No plunge base available that i'm aware of, thought that's not a concern for my uses.

    One added feature that i didn't consider until after using is the on-off switch. We all inherently use the tool, then set it on our bench bit-up. I like that the on off switch is pulled up proud of the top, and can serve to turn of the tool either by just a quick hit with my palm, or by setting the tool down on its back. The shielded rubber switches aren't bad, but the Ridgid switch is a noticeable nod to good product design that i appreciate.

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