Moving Day was today...cleared out the old desk...
Movining day, the before.JPG
Let the Boss sift through the drawers...and fill the new drawers I brought up from the shop....and the hutch
Grandson #3 helped to haul the old desk to the curb....and the new desk up the stairs...with quite a few choice words...besides OUCH..
Once everything was upstairs, and the space cleaned up..then a "little assembly" was done, then try to get the computer loaded onto the desk....and slide the desk into it's new home..
Moving day, all moved in.JPG
Monitor's stand was keeping the monitor off it's 3/4".. work on that later....
Got into the computer chair, to do a test fit ( can't quite call it a DRY fit)
Moving Day, ready for work.JPG
hey...somebody got a new hat!
Moving Day, test drive.JPG
wonder how long that top shelf will stay cleared off....

thanks for following along...need a few days to clean and re-organize the shop..maybe a week...then have a garage sale item to clean up..
Mitre Box Saw, as it arrived.JPG
$15 got me a complete Stanley No. 246 Mitre Box & Saw...might take a while to clean up. may do a short blog about it?

Thanks again.