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Thread: Name cutouts jewelry

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    Name cutouts jewelry

    I am trying to do cutout names on thin gold sheets. When converting and designing the name in coreldraw to Vector the drill mode is not available in Ezcad. Bitmap is the only option in ezcad with drill mode. The vector file does not have enough power and with the speed at 0 it still engraves to fast. I am using a 30w fiber laser desk top from china. I do have success cutting out hearts and some designs in bitmap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    As best I understand the Chinglish, the drill mode isn't what you think it is. It is only for bmp's and isn't for "drilling" in the english meaning of the term. If you can cut out using the laser, you are doing good. There is a REASON these are called 'Marking Lasers' by the Chinese. They are made for marking, not cutting.
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    Gold has a very high thermal conductivity. That means when you apply heat it spreads out very quickly. Steel has a very low thermal conductivity which is why you can weld it as the hot part stays localized. Because of this thermal conductivity, I recommend testing using a metal that has lower conductivity.

    How thick is the gold?

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