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Thread: Chinese 30w laser help

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    Chinese 30w laser help

    I have purchase a 30w raycus laser off eBay. It will not show up in device manger to update the driver I have tried new usb cords different ports on computer and 2 other computers I値l post videos maybe you all can tell me if I知 doing something wrong or bjj board is not communicating. Sorry for sounding like a dick the video was for the Chinese tech support who has told me to watch the Chinese operational video 6 times now.
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    I've put 3 fibers onto like 7 different computers and I've never even looked to see if they're in the device manager. Don't think it'll show up until the driver's loaded anyway, so you may be in a catch-22..

    I'm assuming this is a newer version with the dongle on the controller card, and not a separate USB dongle like my Triumph...

    Open the EzCad software, open the main folder, on mine it's on top with the longest name, and I believe it's the only folder with applications.

    Look for the J8 file. If you have no J8 file, maybe it has another name than mine, so hover the mouse over all file icons, the one you want will say something like "BJJZC dongle application", that's your driver...

    Double click it with the machine OFF. You should get a message like "cannot find dog!" - this is because the machine's off

    Now turn the machine on, and double click again. You should get some options to load or upgrade the driver. Do what it says, and you should be done...

    If the machine is on and you still get the 'cannot find dog' message, then you DO have a comm problem...
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    Thank you so much for your response I値l be back home Monday and give you a update! Lots of quality info on this forum if I can just get this thing working!

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    Update after doing some digging I found the bjj board not getting power from 5v transformer grounded to cabinet. Orderd a new s-25-5 board update after it arrives. Needless to say thank god im a master electrician by trade. Because the Chinese help doesn't speak very good engrish

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