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Thread: Info needed on compressor change

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    Info needed on compressor change

    I have a bodor 150 watt laser and the wrong compressor, to get the right compressor its a nightmare coming from china

    Would it be recommended to use the one I have attached photos.

    My first concern was noise but the exhaust fan i have now is noisy
    But what pressure should this be set at, as the china one has no tank and i think its very low psi
    This one is 100 psi but i can regulate it down, i was thinking 50 psi is that too high
    I do a lot of cutting
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    The only issue is this one will pump oil fumes (maybe) and water for sure unless you have a routine to drain the tank everyday and install a desiccant or refrigerated dryer and oil filter. When I was doing powder coating I had both on my air supply. My guess your other air pump was an aquarium pump or rotary oil less compressor.
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    HF has this portable (1 and 2 gallon versions) that would work, plenty of pressure and has its own pressure regulator-- it'll cycle occasionally to be sure, but at only 57 decibels for the small one it's about the same noise level as my Chinese diaphragm pump which runs constantly...
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    I have the smaller version of the Chinese compressor, found out after I ordered there were 2 compressors and the larger one was for mostly cutting,
    Its setup strange, they reduce the hose 3 times from 3/8 at the compressor to 1/8 at the old laser had better air flow
    so i was looking to just replace the compressor but i would like one without a tank
    i never thought about oil, water is not a problem as i blow it down often and also it takes a a bit of time to pump up the tank.
    I only need air when i run the laser, so now its on a switch and off when the laser completes its job
    You are saying i am better off with oiless compressor---good thought thanks

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    replacement compressor

    Thanks... found this one on amazon and it looks ok and the price is ok.
    A china replacement is way more and I would think all I need is 50 psi, and the current draw here
    is low so it could start with the laser
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    That is the one I have and it works very well with my Epilog.

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    thanks and what pressure are you setting it at

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    low, 15 psi for bare wood to avoid staining, and high, 40 psi, for intricate cuts in masked acrylic.

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    thanks a lot

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