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    JSP Powercap Active IP

    I just got this dust protection today, so I have not used it a lot. Last summer I was diagnosed with a lung disease. Still trying to figure out why. I never smoked or working in a dangerous area.
    I did a lot of research and figured this was the best product for the price. It is $479 on Amazon, I paid $360 from a company in England.
    Being retired now, it is nice to save some money. I don't know why my photo was rotated. It happened during the upload to SMC.
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    Hi John,
    That looks like a nice dust mask. My friend's brother had lung problems as well. He didn't smoke, but did do a lot of wood working and sanding of wood with no lung/breathing protection. Apparently wood dust is not good to breath. It's good that you now have some protection.

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