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Thread: A couple of baby shower presents

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    A couple of baby shower presents

    So about a week ago LOML asked me if I could make a couple of toys for baby showers for two young expectant women from our church. I looked at several of my books with toys and didn't come up with anything. I did an internet search and ran across a push toy that makes noise. Kids love to make noise!! Since the showers are both near the 4th of JUly, I decided on a patriotic theme. Here's what I came up with:
    I was able to locate some red, white, and blue jingle bells. I tried six in each cage, but it was much too loud. I took out three and added two wooden balls. I made the wheels on my band saw and trued them up with a jig on my drill press using some sanding sleeves. The yokes are 3/4" baltic birch plywood, but the 1/2" axle left too little wood for support so I added some pieces of maple for added strength. Total cost was under $15 for both toys. Most of the wood and dowels were left over from previous projects. The toys are quite sturdy, not heavy and the wheels roll really well.
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    Look nice! Cool to see something completely different here..............especially for kids!

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    Well done Lee. The wood gives a much warmer feel than the usual plastic toy.

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