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Thread: A gift for my doctor

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    A gift for my doctor

    Let me start by saying this idea is not mine. But when I saw a picture of it a while back I knew my PCP of 35 years would enjoy it. And I think it now qualifies as the smallest project I have ever made.

    It is a "stool sample" with a purple heart seat, padauk legs and mahogany stretchers. I will be presenting this "stool sample" to my doctor at my next checkup in July. And it will be in a urine sample container which I picked up at my last visit. It not only gave me a chance to use some small wood scraps but also spend a little time on my lathe which, sorry to say, has been the least used machine in my shop.
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    Great craftsmanship and damn funny!
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    Well done Sir! I am sure it will be appreciated and shared with others at the office!

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    John that is a fun creation and will be a conversation piece for years to come.

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    Well crafted piece its hilarious though!

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