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Thread: pluging gun stock

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    pluging gun stock

    neanderthal, seems like a good place to try.
    I used a cnc to cut the barrel and ramrod channel.
    oops, cut outside the line in one area of ramrod. I now have a 7/8 inch channel instead of 3/8. I can find some more maple for a plug. Grain running same direction?, attempt to use a somewhat matching straight grain ( to match moisture expansion)?
    I suppose I'll chisel the pocket to square corners, but I know my plug wont fit real well. I dont think saw dust and epoxy will take stain real well. Maybe I will just go with a clear finish and hope for the best. By the time I shave stock to finish, I'm not expecting plugg to show a lot, but glue joint in corners will.

    any suggestions before its to late?

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    I would ask this question on the Muzzleloaders website. Probably get more replies.

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    Start over???

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    Pictures would help.

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    I think starting over is a wise policy. Consider that the ramrod channel is twice as deep as it should be, that means it must be extremely close to the barrel channel severely weakening the structural integrity of the gun. Also consider the extreme amount of time and effort required to inlet the lock, butt plate, side plate and ram rod pipes, and it just doesn't make sense to put all that effort into something that is flawed from the start. You are making a firearm which does incur stress when you pull that trigger, not a drying rack.

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