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Thread: Maybe, Best Tool I Ever Bought...

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    The Swag Offroad table is nice. I'm running one with a Milwaukee Portaband and I highly recommend it.

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    I have purchased some cheap angle grinders, made in China from Menards and other places. Thinking when they blow up or burn up no big deal. I have an abrasive cut off wheel on on and a wire brush on another. Also have a Bosch and Ryobi fitted with flap disk and the other with a grinding wheel. I never have to swap out a disk, just pick up another one! I have Never had a Chinese one fail, runs just as well as my name brand ones.

    The key with those 4x6 4x7 saws is a good bi-metal blade. Last ones were Lenox cost 3 times the Chinese ones last and cut 10x better.
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    Yeah - most of the stuff these days is from China.

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    Guess when itís for occasional use, it doesnít matter where itís from. Anyways, just like anything from anywhere, quality does vary with price. Just depends on how much you want to spend on the item.

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