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Thread: Powermatic TS29 shaper or other recommendations

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    Powermatic TS29 shaper or other recommendations

    Has anyone used, seen, or owned a TS29? I like the features of the machine but canít find anyone online thatís actually used it or written a review.
    Iím looking to upgrade my shaper and really need something with a sliding table and preferably 7.5 plus HP. I was looking into the Italian machines but i canít find a price on any of their stuff; presumably much more than the 10k price tag of the Powermatic.
    I donít usually buy new machines but beings as the shaper is pretty much the life blood of my shop, i need a good one. For that reason i need the investment to be one that i donít have to make again for a very long time.
    Iím open to suggestions. Just shopping around now but looking to move on something in the next couple of months.

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    Jack I do not know anything about the Powermatic you are asking about. I do however own a Minimax T 50 shaper with a sliding table and tilting spindle.Mine is 5 h.p. single phase and has been a game changer for me in my shop. What type of work are you doing ? I think your best bet would be to P.M. Darcy Warner or Joe Calhoun they know way more about shapers than me.

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    I have a nice F115 Casadei with feeder and sliding table.

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    The older 29 was the same basic 511 series import from delta, bridgewood, laguna, cantek and a bunch of others. I believe the ts29 is the same as the 512 series imports (laguna 45t) as well.

    I'd likely go with a cantek or laguna version before the powermatic.

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