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Thread: Putting together the Woodland Mills HM-130 Mill and Woodlander Trailer

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    Quote Originally Posted by John TenEyck View Post
    ...You have no idea how much sawdust a chainsaw mill can make; easily 4 times that of the bandsaw. ...
    I've never used a chainsaw mill but, zounds, I've never thought about it but can imagine the piles of chips! My mill is stationary so if I don't shovel often enough I'm walking on six inches of sawdust.

    Before I bought the Woodmizer I considered several chainsaw options but what convinced me to spring for the bandmill was the narrow kerf.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonny Kemp View Post
    Thanks a lot John !!!!!! I had my mind nearly made up till you started all this.Lol Just kidding . I think you've convinced me this is the way to go.Its very little more money than the 2 I was considering and a lot more machine. I most likely will get the 130 without the trailer. Thank you much for the pictures and insight.
    The HM-130 ground unit offers a lot of capability for the money; I'm sure you will be pleased. And it's easy to assemble. I think it took well less than 8 hours with no surprises.


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