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Thread: Finish For Jigs

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    Finish For Jigs

    I made a circle cutting jig for my new bandsaw and I'm wondering what type of finish to put on it.

    Poly or maybe BLO and wax?
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    Nothing is my preferred finish for jigs as it adds no functionality.

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    If I want to finish a jig, I typically use Shellac . It dries very quick.

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    I generally use nothing on jigs, or a coat of paste wax if I need it to slide easier.

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    i polly everything........its my go to finish. Obviously I'm not a purist..... Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Frank View Post
    If I want to finish a jig, I typically use Shellac . It dries very quick.
    +1. Same here.
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    I use wax.

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    Shellac, but usually nothing.
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    If I make a fixture or jig that I believe is worth using sometime in the near future. I will use up whatever finish I have leftover in the bottom of a can or jar. Even if it has a hard layer on top .
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    If I finish at all, it's either BLO or shellac or maybe the water borne top coat I typically use if I just happen to also be spraying in the same time frame. Most jigs are just plain naked.

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    Shellac, if not on the whole jig, then just on the area where I label it with a sharpie. Otherwise the sharpie bleeds.
    Jigs not labeled and dated have a way of masquerading as scrap in my shop.

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    I wax them if I need them to slide or rotate.
    The rare times I've "finished" one was with whatever I had in a can. Usually Arm-R-Seal, or Seal-A-Cell. Only because they are almost always in the shop on the shelf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwin Santos View Post
    Jigs not labeled and dated have a way of masquerading as scrap in my shop.
    So that's what they're doing. Good to know it's not my mind slipping.

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