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Thread: So, what is with posting any photos today..

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    I never log out....I was just at the post a little bit ago...still has all those blue "attachment 123456" things...NO photos then I came back and re-posted SOME of the missing photos...this afternoon.

    Weird part...IF I hit " edit", those photos will appear...then right back to the blue numbers when I hit "save" and leave the edit function....

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    You may not log out but our server automatically logs you out after a period of time. Every computer connected to a server has to have resources dedicated to that connection. If a server failed to log you out after a period of time it would run out of resources and crash. We have a maximum number of connections configured on our server to prevent this from happening, however we have never reached the max number of connections because we plan for the growth of this Community when we purchase new servers and the timer takes care of keeping our resources available. The timer is based on activity, inactive connections are disconnected at the prescribed time period.

    Whenever you connect here at the very top of your browser window on the right side you should see.......Welcome, Your Name Notifications etc. If you do not see your username you are not logged in. Most people set their browsers to remember the login so it logs you in automatically when you connect.

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