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    Blum 563H

    Howdy. Do I need T51.1901 R & T51.1901.PS R same for left or just the PS for each rail for 4 way adjustable? These are being used on a dresser with a face frame and inset drawer. Not sure how I will have clearance for the drawer front I apply to the drawer box with the rail mounted inside the face frame?

    Can I use this?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I'm confused what you're asking, but...

    You can use either the "regular" or "PS" versions of the brackets. Since you're doing inset, you probably want the additional adjustability of the PS version. You have to use the same style on both R/L.

    I don't think you can mount to the faceframe if you're doing inset. Pad the side of the cabinet out with a piece of wood and mount the runner to that.

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    Sorry, in my brain I was thinking i need to use both which did not make any sense to me. Thanks. Brian

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