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Thread: Best place for ceiling DC drop to table saw

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    Yes, that's a good point...the location of the blast gate. It should hopefully be easily accessible. I got lucky with my slider in that the drop comes off the main right over the wagon and then slopes down along the side the stairwell bottom. I was able to put the gate right above the saw where it's easy to reach. It's about the ONLY good thing about having that stairwell in the middle of my shop. LOL

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    Many old school woodshops have a drop right above the blade. It is part of the blade guard. Of course it makes it very hard to move the saw around.
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    Mine is a bit different. My saw is in the middle of the shop, with an 'island' configuration. Against the right side of the TS is my jointer. Directly behind the right wing of the TS is the DeWalt 735 planer, which infeeds over the jointer and outfeeds over the outfeed table of the TS. The outfeed table is roughly 2' X 4', completing the square.

    In the middle of this 'cluster' is a 4X4 floor to ceiling post which was put in to support the 6" DC drop on one side, electrical boxes for 120 and 240 on another, and I hang my long track saw tracks on the back.

    Equipment is placed just far enough from the post to avoid interference.
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    In my previous shop, my saw was on a mobile base and had to be moved into position for use. In addition, I would sometimes have to re-orient the position of the saw to accommodate long materials. For that reason, I made a tree that attached/detached easily from an overhead drop and located it near the left rear of the outfeed table. The tree had multiple gates for above the table, below the table and an auxiliary connection in case I needed to attach another machine. It worked well for the type of work I typically did.

    The tree was self standing on a home made floor sweep and had a short section of flex hose and a straight coupler at the top such that it could be easily detached and stored out of the way of vehicles that shared the same space. The blast gate was overhead and made it easy to shut off when the tree was disconnected. The only negative for this arrangement was the use of longer than desired hoses, but it allowed a lot of flexibility and dust collection was excellent.

    DC Tree Position 2.jpg

    DC Tree.jpg

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