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Thread: cheesecloth vs foam brush on arm r seal

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    cheesecloth vs foam brush on arm r seal


    this is my first go with arm r seal. semi gloss oil. the first two coats I used cheesecloth to apply.
    looks only ok, theres some streaks that I can see in a raking light. hoping they will come out with 800 paper.
    as a test , u tried a foam brush on some drawer bottoms instead of the cheesecloth. it looks better, however,
    im worried that it looks thick? would more experienced finishers please give their opinions on the best way to work
    this finish?


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    No finishing expert here....but I have found that you have to use a VERY light touch on the LAST stroke when wiping on Arm-A Seal to try and avoid streaks.


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    Thin it 5-10 percent with mineral spirits and try wiping it again. Go quick and donít work the surface too much.

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    I just use T-shirt material. I would think cheesecloth is too textured. I’ve posted this link before, but essentially follow this method:

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    I normally wipe it on with a folded paper shop towel. Most cloth materials have too much fuzz in them, which always ends up in the finish. Cheesecloth? I agree with the comment that it's too coarse. The key to wiping it on is to use enough that it will flow out to eliminate any streaks and not to go back over it. It's a lot like applying shellac.

    I have applied ARS with a foam brush, too, and I usually use that approach now for the first few coats on large surfaces, anything more than about 2 x 4 ft. I thin it about 25% with mineral spirits so that it will flow on and out in a thin coat. You might consider doing that, too, if it's coming out too thick.


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    I apply Arm-R-Seal and Waterlox with cheesecloth all the time without issues. I work in my basement where it’s cooler, not sure if that makes a difference or not. I prefer multiple thin coats rather than a few heavy coats.

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    There was a recent discussion on this forum about using 4x4 gauze squares for finish application but maybe not with Arm-R-Seal. My personal experience is that gauze also leaves some fibers on the finished surfaces. Some suggested wrapping them inside a cloth like the pads used for French polish.
    Rustic? Well, no. That was not my intention!

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