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Thread: The Bishop's Jig

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio

    The Bishop's Jig

    Friend of mine, Mr. Bishop, is in to Black Powder firearms.....think Josey Wales handguns...and he had a jig made to help reload the old cap & ball pistols while on a range...just a "stand" to hold the revolver with the barrel pointing up....
    Bishop's Jig, Old jig.JPG
    But, it wasn't working quite place for the hammer to sit, at half allow the cylinder to rotate. My task was to re-do this jig for that problem..
    Decided to buy a bit of White oak, and a few hinges, and build a second jig...that when He returned with a revolver or two, I could cutom fit the new jig for fit..
    Bishop's Jig, parts.JPG
    Cut a bit off the 24" long plank, to make the two parts...had to use the bandsaw, only room I had,,,
    Bishop's Jig, rough cuts.JPG
    Blade had too much set (have since stoned it back..) looks like i need to shoot the edges..
    Bishop's Jig, shot the edge.JPG
    Shooting board.. laid out a larger groove for the revolver's grip to settle into..Dremel with a cutting wheel to make a wall, of sorts..
    Bishop's Jig, cutting a line.JPG
    As the OEM one was at the wrong angle to hold the grips...Then dig out a gouge, and do a little chopping...
    Bishop's Jig, chopping out.JPG
    A little wider, and a tad deeper, into a flat, vertical wall.. laid out for a hinge..
    Bishop's Jig, hinge recess.JPG
    And chopped a shallow recess for it...
    Stay tuned, part 2 coming up...

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Ok, hinge work 101...start a hole.or two..
    Bishop's Jig, hole starter.JPG
    Couple of taps on an awl...just enough for ..
    Bishop's Jig, pilot hole drill.JPG
    The drill for the pilot holes to start in...recheck the fit of the hinge
    Bishop's Jig, recess a hinge.JPG
    Then screws were added to this side only, for now..
    Bishop's Jig, screwdriver.JPG
    Wax the screws BEFORE driving them in...yes, that IS a phillips tip in the Yankee 30A....
    Bishop's Jig, awaiting fine tuning.JPG
    The other half of the new jig had been cut to match the existing one...left alone otherwise, awaiting a fitting session with a Remington Army Model...
    That will be in part 3...stay tuned..

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Ok, part 3. Mr. Bishop brought a couple revolvers to the shop...and we custom fitted the new jig...a notch was added for the hammer, and a bit more room for the cylinder to set into...
    Bishop's Jig, Pattern.JPG
    Notch was cleaned up with a chisel. laid this onto the old jig..
    Bishop's Jig, pattern layout.JPG
    And outlined what needed sawn out...hinges on the old jig ( with square drive screws, no less) was too loose and sloppy
    Bishop's Jig, new hinge mortise.JPG

    Recessed one leaf of the hinge...
    Bishop's Jig, re-assembled old jig.JPG
    Then put things back together...same with Jig #2
    Bishop's Jig, assembled.JPG

    Then was told he wanted 3 jigs, total, counting the rebuilt this time, I had found a VIX bit to make hinges easier
    Bishop's Jig, pilot holes done.JPG
    Found a better way to hold the part while chopping grooves..
    Bishop's Jig, digging a groove.JPG
    Soon had all 3 assembled,,
    Bishop's Jig, done 1.JPG
    And stained...Any rough edges were beveled with a sanding drum in the Dremel...then fold these down, when dry..
    Mr. Bishop stopped by Friday to pick them up...was very happy. he was headed for a shooting match in IN. and was going to put them to work..

    Not a bad little project....

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