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Thread: peugeot wood threader whatsit?

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    peugeot wood threader whatsit?

    hello! first time posting here. thanks for this enlightening forum.

    i'm stumped about this wood thread cutting die (size is ~1 1/4") as pictured and described below.

    what in tarnation is the function of the rectangular groove (area circle in red in attached pic)?

    the groove is around 1/2"deep x 5/16"wide x 1 1/2"long. there are two parts that poke out into the groove-way: 1.) what appears to be a set screw with a hole in the head for a tiny tommy bar, and 2.) a faceted "tooth" that is integral with, and perpendicular to the threaded thru-post that secures the guide bushing.

    the groove makes a dandy place for shavings to exit, but those two parts poking in there have me believe there's more to it than that. maybe it's missing an adjustable cutter iron?

    i just got this tool and have only used it enough to know that it needs to be sharpened up to work as is...

    thanks for reading and any info would be much appreciated. ~ tk (he/him pronouns)

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    Welcome to the forum, Thom. There is a cutter that sits in this slot. The cutter is made from a piece of steel with a square section, but it is V shaped at the end to cut the thread in the stock. The edge is shaped somewhat like a v parting tool. This cutter is placed so as to line up with the beginning of the threads in the lower part of the screwbox. When the screw box is assembled, there is an opening just ahead of the cutter where the shavings emerge. The screwbox will not cut threads without the cutter.
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    I see! thanks for the concise description and I'll post back once I get it up and running.

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    Welcome, and good find!! If that part is missing, and you want to make one, do a google search for... flat tool bit lathe cutter blank... and those words should bring up multiple choices for tool steel blanks to make one out of.

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    Howdy Thom and welcome to the Creek. Roy Underhill did an episode of making a thread box by annealing a large farrier's rasp or file.

    Finding a piece of metal the right size that can be hardened is just part of the rust hunting.

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