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Thread: Jet 14 Bandsaw Table Angle

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    Jet 14 Bandsaw Table Angle

    I have a Jet 14 bandsaw which has the Carter bearing guides installed. The other day I needed to tilt the table to 45 degrees. I was unable to get to 45 because of interference between the table and the Carter lower bearing support. It would only go to 43.5 degrees. I was able to get to 45 degrees by raising the table support a little using washers. I put 2 washers under the table support at the 2 bolt positions and the 2 alignment pins. Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do to correct the issue?

    Thanks John

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    Your solution is the best I've heard in all the years I've been around.
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    I'd have cut a 1.5 degree wedge to prop the wood up 45
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