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Thread: All cast iron top Sawstop with 57" rails & in-line router add on

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    All cast iron top Sawstop with 57" rails & in-line router add on

    I have a Sawstop PCS with the in-line router table, but with the 57” rails. I have the melamine insert to fill the gap from between the table saw and the router table, but it would be nice to make it all cast iron.

    They do have inserts, but the measurements don’t seem to fit. The current melamine insert is 23 ¾” x 27”. I could get two extension wings, but those measure to 24”, which is about a ¼” too long.

    I was just wondering if anyone has done anything to make their Sawstop all cast iron with the 57” rails and the router extension. I understand there are probably some weight issues, but you could easily add some legs in the middle to stabilize it. It might make it harder to move, but with two people I’m sure it could be moved easily.

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    Cast iron is easily machined.

    You could get a machine shop to mill off a quarter inch from a standard wing. OR you could possibly make adjustments to your current setup to accommodate a 24” wing.

    Is is there an issue with the current setup? Or is it simply that all cast iron is attractive?
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    It’s easy to make it all fit. See post #2 here:

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    Maybe look on craigslist and ebay for PM66 extension tables? I want to say the unisaw and 66 are also 27" deep tables. Anyway, it was an option on the 66, 68, and 72 to get a big extension table. I have one on my pm72 that makes the top of the saw like 72" of cast iron. The PM68 and 72 models are 37-38" deep, so those wont fit your sawstop. Just a thought before you spend $600+ in extension wings from sawstop.

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