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Thread: DIY sawstop industrial saw mobile base?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Janssen View Post
    The SawStop ICS base has 4 swivel casters. That's why a lot of people like it. It makes moving the saw in tight places much easier.


    +1 I have 4 swivel caster under all my Tim says, much easier to move around. FWIW, I have the Sawstop mobile base under my ICS and I must say it would be greatly improved if all 4 casters elevated rather than just one side.

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    I built a Saw Stop Type Hydraulic Lift for my model 29 PowerMatic Shaper . Originally used the Saw Stop Hyd. base under this shaper , however the shaper was too heavy . The new lift has double wheel castors .
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    I looked a lot and I could find some casters with stems where I could mount the wheels to the legs themselves but they all added at least 3.5" in height to the table. I also wanted metal wheels so I could go small and still hold the weight but the metal wheels didn't have stem options.

    So I just got metal wheels for my Shop Fox stand. Had to drill a couple holes to make the caster plates fit correctly. The Shop fox does have two feet that can be lowered to prevent it from moving.

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