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Thread: Installing Wilton WW Vise on Older Bench

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    Installing Wilton WW Vise on Older Bench

    Hey All,

    I would like to install a new Wilton 79A Woodworkers vice on to my bench. The bench is an older Diefenbach European bench that I bought through Woodcraft about 20 years ago. Just before Diefenbach imploded - this is a really nice bench. It has an end vise and a main non-rapid action wooden faced vise over the leg at the left hand end of the bench. I would like to upgrade that vice to a really beautiful Wilton 79A. To avoid the leg, I need to move the Wilton vise in from the end some distance. I will also need to build out the underside to bring it flush with the bottom of the apron, so I have a surface to attach the vise. No problems there.

    What I am at a loss to do however, is cover up the old vise holes. The old existing vise has three main guides that are the main part of the vise, and then a fourth rail that is a wracking adjust. So I will have three or possibly all four holes remaining after I remove the old vise and add the Wilton. Would you just leave them there (lame), cover them, fill them somehow, or enlarge them and use them as a small wine rack?

    Seriously - I don't know what to do about the old holes. Anyone have a similar problem? Let me know what you might have done - I am open to all ideas. Thanks folks!

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    You could rout out a recess that spans the holes and inlay a piece. A photo of what you are dealing with would be helpful.

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    Or - you could just leave them as is, and not worry about it. It they really bother you visually, then cover them up with plugs or some of the other methods that you have suggested.

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