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Thread: Movement during glue-ups

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    I've done and are still doing tops like this one. This pictured island top is 5 feet wide by 10 feet long and is 1-7/8" thick. No biscuits, no dowels, no salt or sand. Just good cauls, a well thought out process for glue up, and high quality clamps...lots of them....and I use no pipe clamps unless it become necessary for me to make a 12 ft long clamp for larger projects.

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    Sand in the glue has got to be RUFF on plane irons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Dawson View Post
    The longest guide track I know of, the Makita 118", is not long enough to do 10 foot boards (even if it didn't need the overhang.) But for shorter boards it would work. As you say, the edges need to be done simultaneously (the Makita 118 e.g. is not usually reference straight.)
    Put two tracks together.

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