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Thread: Harbor Freight Dust Collector Upgrade

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    Harbor Freight Dust Collector Upgrade

    After months of researching, I decided to build my own dust collection system. This system is entirely bagless, and has been extremely efficient so far. I needed a system that had little footprint and high dust collection capacity.

    The motor is a Harbor Freight motor that I purchased new, and then sold the remaining bits on Craigslist to help recoup some of the money. It attaches to a Super Dust Deputy, which is connected to a 20 gallon drum. I opted for a 20 gallon drum as it feels very space efficient, and I know it won’t be overly difficult to move when it’s full. On the exhaust side is a Wynn Environmental 13R230NANO that is connected to a bucket.

    The whole thing is on wheels, and has the same footprint as a Harbor Freight Dust Collection system (22” x 33”.)

    After posting this over on my Instagram (@modernandmint), several folks asked for build plans which I ended up making.

    I originally posted this on Lumberjocks, but wanted to post on other forums in case someone is looking for a small shop dust collector build, but is not on Lumberjocks.


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    Nicely done.

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    Pretty slick. Is that the 2 HP motor, or the 1 HP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Ragatz View Post
    Pretty slick. Is that the 2 HP motor, or the 1 HP?
    Thanks, Gary. It's the 2hp motor. I was genuinely surprised at how well it initially worked, but was even more surprised at the increase in suction after fitting it with a cyclone and proper exhaust filter.

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