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Thread: Looking for Morris chair plans

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    Looking for Morris chair plans

    I'm thinking of building a Morris chair. Almost every woodworking magazine has a plan available for purchase. I would like to know if anyone here can recommend a certain plan they have used and liked. Thank you.

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    You might find what you need in the "Great Morris Chair Project" thread. The material list starts at post #22.

    Walt Caza may be able to direct you to the plans.
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    Bob Langís plans that appeared in PW and his many books have worked well for me. Search PW, their back issues are available online.

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    Hi, if you send me a pm with your email address Iíll send you my drawings.....Rod

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    I have three sets of plans, none of which I used 'exactly'. But were useful for basic dimensions on seat width, height, depth, back height, etc... which I then tweaked to my liking.

    Read the great morris chair build thread. Lots of ideas there.

    Will post the names of specific plans I have later this eve.

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    Thank you for responding to my thread. I have started to read "The Great Morris Chair Project" and I can say it is packed with useful information. I hope to have learned a lot when I am finished reading it.

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    These were some of the plans I referenced.
    One set was from Taunton:
    Morris Chair Project Plan (Print Plan) FWW10011204 1 $17.96
    Subtotal $17.96
    Shipping & Handling $3.50
    Grand Total $21.46

    Another set was Wood
    Code Item Qty Price Grand Total
    DP-00093 Arts and Crafts Morris Chair Downloadable Plan 1 $14.95 $14.95
    Subtotal: $14.95
    Tax (MA): $0.93
    Shipping Cost: $0.00
    Grand Total: $15.88

    then a 3rd set from shop
    Bow Arm Morris Chair Woodworking Plan* This product ships from American Furniture Design. Z9029 1 $19.95
    Subtotal $19.95
    Shipping & Handling $8.45
    Grand Total $28.40

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    I have been very happy with plans from Taunton. In building my chairs I incorporated details from Kevin Rodelís Prairie Settle, plans for this are also available from Taunton. Fine Woodworking has articles and videos associated with both sets of plans.
    Cheers, Bill Fleming

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