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Thread: EZCAD Bitmap Engraving: How do you stop "White" being engraved?

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    EZCAD Bitmap Engraving: How do you stop "White" being engraved?

    I am loving my new fiber laser. I have noticed though when engraving bitmaps it is still firing on white objects...ever so slightly. So, if I have a bitmap that is round, but square file, it fires in the white part and you can see an ever so slight change in the surface. Have a missed a setting in EZCAD?

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    follow the instructions in the screenshot-- raising the number raises the 'engrave white' threshhold. Experiment until you stop engraving the background and still keep the detail you want.
    -- I haven't had much experience with photo engraving on these things yet, but I have found out this helps with not engraving white!

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    Thanks so much! That did the trick.

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