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Thread: Curious!

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    Why can I all of sudden not see any of the images contained in post even though I am logged in? I am getting a message telling me that I do have permission for that page.

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    There is an announcement thread I made on May 2nd, at the top of every main forum page, that explains recent changes to viewing and downloading file attachment privileges here.

    The text is below.
    On May 2nd we have removed Members privileges to view pictures. This is the final change to let everyone know that we will soon convert to a subscriber based system. Members can use the Donate button to update their accounts here and restore their ability to view pictures and access file attachments.

    Possibly you missed the conversation we have been having in several threads/forums concerning advertisement blocking and its impact on our Community. Advertising has been paying for the majority of free access here for many years and now that both registered Members and Visitors are blocking our banners we must convert to a subscriber based system to pay the bills. The annual cost to subscribe has always been 6 dollars per year and I am not considering raising it at this time. Basically it all depends on what percentage of our Community is willing to participate. Since the majority of our Engravers are business owners I can't imagine that 50 cents per month is going to be an issue.

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