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Thread: Fiber laser lenses

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    Fiber laser lenses

    I understand the difference between the various fiber laser F-Theta size lens (70x70, 110x110, 220x220, etc.) My question is about the thread/diameter of the lenses. Are they all the same size, so if I want to add a 70x70 and a 220x220 F-Theta to a chinese 30w fiber laser (currently has a 110x110), can I just pick up any one off ebay or cloudray or other source that has these two additional sizes I want?
    Thanks. Rob

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    I believe (not positive) that 'F-Theta' is more a description of basic lens design that with anything to do with the lens HOUSING.

    What I DO know for sure is, my Triumph fiber has the 'traditional' (?) lens typical of most I see, and my ebay fibers have a much physically smaller lens. I've been trying to locate a source for the smaller size, as I'd like to buy some in different focal lengths. But the 2 machines already have different lenses, 150 on the desktop model and 220 on the cabinet model. Otherwise they're identical, so I'm not sure why they supplied them different, but it actually works out so I haven't been looking for new lenses lately-

    Wow, oddly enough I just found a pic of both styles:
    So the one on the left resembles my ebay machines lenses, however, my 220 is quite a big larger in diameter than the one shown-- anyway, if your lens looks like the one on the right, then yes, hit Cloudray or another source, if their ad pics look ANYTHING like it, it'll fit...
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    Make sure you measure your threads - this is where the difference would be... older versions are 85mm, new ones are smaller, but I have no idea what diameter.
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    Got it. Thanks.
    Will look at tomorrow.

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