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Thread: aspire 10 release date?

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    aspire 10 release date?

    wondering if anyone knows when aspire 10 going to be released. still useing version 8.5 and thinking time to upgrade.

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    I'm also looking to upgrade from 8.5. I think the Aspire 10 update is scheduled for release sometime around the Denver user group meeting, which is in the October timeframe if I recall.
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    Have they said what new features are going to be available in it?

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    The plan is tentatively in the mid-to-late fall as Bruce mentioned is my understanding for release 10 of Aspire, VCP and other related software levels. It seems they try to do the release hype in conjunction with the users event as was noted. If the Aspire Camp at McGrew's would have been able to be held this year, we'd likely have more indication of at least some of the intended new features or changes, but due to some circumstances beyond Jim's control that event had to take this year off. Vectric participates and folks like Beki "open the kimono" a little. Hopefully, there will be a few leaks between now and then. If you're not monitoring the Vectric support forums, you may want to do so just for that reason, let alone for support.
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