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    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    - Sir Edmund Burke

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    We met some people from a little town outside Colorado Springs once. They told us about a tradition there where, just after New Years, they have a fruitcake throwing contest. I've always kind of wanted to go. I think I could make a frisbee shaped fruitcake.

    Which reminds me of my childhood in Kansas where they have chow chip throwing contests. For you city slickers, a cow chip is the material that comes out of the cow after it dries. It hardens somewhat into a round discus shaped thing maybe a foot in diameter that can be thrown. At this particular contest at the State Fair in Pratt, KS, most of the competitors chose to wing the chips like one would throw a Frisbee and they weren't getting too far. Then Senate candidate Bob Dole observed the proceedings and stepped up at the very last. Keep in mind that he has the use of only one arm (wounded very badly in WWII). He picked up a nice wet one and just threw it and won hands down. If memory served, he quipped something about all that mud-slinging being good practice.

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    How does it feel
    To fall down with great ease
    To be head over knees
    Like a rolling cheese

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