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Thread: A few shop fixture builds.

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    A few shop fixture builds.

    It has been a few years since I have been active building and now that O bought a house a couple of years ago I have been working on getting my shop setup so I have attached some pictures of some of my shop builds. C9D2A763-4A49-4FA0-B907-D5E834A516C4.jpg1302D342-8071-4B4C-BC9B-B12A5E14DFC6.jpg7602B283-7222-42EB-A65C-D22AB224A89D.jpgFFB43B0B-CAA2-4E1B-975A-E5B05CAF27B2.jpgA2D7B92D-EA24-4415-83A0-E7FEDE1FC621.jpg8252D0AF-EF08-43D1-9F92-7C1B3F4DE9E3.jpg

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    Looks like you are on your way to some nice projects and satisfying days there Matt!

    Good luck with the new "Digs."

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    Looks like you are creating a number of important fixtures for the new shop. I envy the opportunity you have to live the dream in such a spacious shop. Enjoy the ride!
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    Well done Matthew.
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    I always love a solid miter station.

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