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Thread: Need Recomendations for Random Orbital Sander

  1. I found a great review about sanders, I think I will get a Bosch orbital sander. It was one of the best ones there, and it was highly rated on the Bobs website. It has everything that a sander should have, and I think that is more than enough for me. I need reliable tools, and Bosch is a good brand that makes reliable tools. I am sure that if I get it, it will last me for as long as I need it. It has an advanced dust collection system, and many other advanced features. It is perfect for someone who does a lot of work with a sander.
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    Isn’t Mirka making Granat net for Festool?

    No , I don't believe that is accurate.

    Festool's parent , TTS, bought a Czech ( I believe) abrasives co. many many years ago to bring their offerings in house. Everyone who's anyone in the abrasives biz has mesh abrasives now. Abranet has not cornered the market.

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    I have orbital sander with adjustable speed. In general orbital sander rotate around 12,000 orbits per minute.My model has this property to adjust the speed and I see this a very useful thing, because the quality of the project depends on it, for example going at a slower pace may be useful if you’re working on a particularly tricky area and you want greater control, but a faster pace will obviously enable you to work much more quickly – so having the choice will make the tool much more versatile.I am also pleased that it does not make a lot of dust, but I would still advise you to wear a mask. I took my BO5041 5-Inch makita orbital sander tool from Bob Smith Tools. With her I understood what jewelry work is .That this is not a cheap machine, but it is better to spend more than buying a cheap one once and it will break
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