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Thread: Routing Flutes on Concave Surface

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    Routing Flutes on Concave Surface

    I would like to make some pillars similar to those on this bar. What technique could I use to route the flutes along this curve? I was thinking of making some sort of rounded router base that would follow the radius. Here is a picture on line if this attachment doesn't work.
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    I would do it on a shaper or router table, with the work laying on its side, bearing guided bit, of course.
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    Agree with Rick. But I don't think their design is good. Flutes look rounded off on the edges ,shallow, and way to short on
    both ends.

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    Thanks for the advice. I found a Freud flute bit with guide bushings which should do the trick. Hope the bit is long enough to get near the center of the piece. Overall length of the bit is 3in.
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    If you will be building the column from thinner stock, you could flute the layers before lamination.

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