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Thread: walnut oil /sanding sealer

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    walnut oil /sanding sealer

    Watched a demo at a local store where the finished product was a turned maple bowl with a beautiful natural finish with a slight gloss. The demonstrator stated that as a finish he used a laquer sanding sealer and walnut oil. I am too dumb to know which went on first - the sealer or the oil? Any thoughts for a "novice finisher?

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    tony, while you're waiting for a smart person to reply, I'm wondering if the sanding sealer (put on first) would prevent penetration of the walnut oil. I thought sanding sealers were intended as a pre-coat under film finishes to reduce number of coats. Also, was it just regular walnut oil, or modified? I ask because regular WO seems to cure so slowly (if at all), I'm wondering how long you'd have to wait, if it goes on first.

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    Most likely the oil went on first. But the sanding sealer would usually be used before putting another finish on top of it. You may find you like the look of just the oil. There are other oils that may work better for your application. I like Minwax Antique Oil because it dries fast. If you want to add some protection or gloss over top of the oil finish, you can topcoat in 12-24 hours.

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