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Thread: what stripper to use

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    what stripper to use

    I have stripped wood furniture for many years. I have the finishing down to a science. However as I started a new project I realized the stripper was not the same as I have used in the past. I did some research and realized they have taken the Methylene Chloride out of stripper, just another government regulation I wan't expecting. What I currently have works very slowly with a lot of elbow grease and steel wool. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use for stripper now that you can't get it with Methylene Chloride in it ? Or is this just the way it's going to be.

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    The government wasn't involved; it was some so-called advisory groups concerned about a small number of people who lost their lives trying to strip a bath tub and became overcome with the fumes confined inside the tub. Try one of the independent paint dealers in your area. These groups convinced the big box stores to stop selling any stripper containing methylene chloride.

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    Here's a relevant thread from last year...

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    I read where the EPA ruled in December 2018 threat methylene chloride is out of stripper unless your commercially strip and are trained on the proper way to use it. That said I took your advice and have called every independent paint dealer and found some “good “ stripper. However in my search after talking to independent owners I found out even more disturbing news. Pratt and Lambett has discontinued there # 38 varnish. They are no longer making gallons. It’s only available in quarts and that’s going to end soon. Now what will I use for a alkyl varnish???

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