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Thread: adjustable art easel

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    adjustable art easel


    Anyone out there have plans for an adjustable art easel similar to the pictured?
    Easel 1.PNGEasel 2.PNGEasel 3.jpg


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    Ask Tony in Memphis. He built one with a nice counterbalance.

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    I built one from these plans a few years ago for my daughter, and she has used it enthusiastically. It's a bit different from the one you are looking at, but quite functional in its own way. Plans are available from a link in the notes, I think.

    Found a photo of the one I built:


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    Yup, I used these plans:

    I made several modifications, but the plans are well done and my wife loves the easel. I used cherry. I built a box for the weights. Turns out, two slightly used 350Z brake rotors are the perfect weight (for cherry).

    Fun project and very rewarding to see my wife enjoying it almost daily. Can't think of any significant changes or issues. The design is well done. One consideration is canvas size. Also, make sure the bolts for adjustments are captured (otherwise, they tend to spin). Hard to find real straight lumber in these lengths. None of mine was prefect, but it worked out.

    IMG_0609 (Small).JPG

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