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Thread: leveling Epilog Radius table?

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    leveling Epilog Radius table?

    Problem with owning an older machine, tech manuals are not online.
    Does anyone have any experiance leveling an Epilog Radius table.
    When I am focused in the upper left (home), I am 3/16" low in the upper right, and 1/4" + in the lower right.

    I know I can get Epilog on the horn Monday, but trying to get this knocked out this weekend.

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    Look under the machine, are the table's lead screws, cogs and belt easily accessible? If so, loosen the belt tensioner and remove the belt, then move the lead screws by hand until the 4 corners are equal distance from the laser head. Then re-install the belt and re-tighten the tensioner.

    That's one way...
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    The table literally rides on the belts, no lead screws.
    I did spend some time and there appears to be some allen screws that adjust the table,, not sure on the whole procedure.


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    I have some old Epilog Maintenance PDF's. Not a whole lot of info in them but send me a PM with your eMail and I will send them.

    I get requests about twice a year for them from old threads.
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