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Thread: A Pawling Discovery

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    A Pawling Discovery

    Every once in a while someone has problems with a thicker replacement blade causing problems on a Stanley plane.

    Recently it was discussed in this thread:

    A few days ago when meeting with another woodworker we exchanged a bunch of things. He gave me a bunch of plane parts which included a few frogs from different brands of planes. One thing noticed is the adjuster yoke on the Ohio/Union Tool frogs have longer pawls to engage the chip breaker.

    It looks to be about at least ~3/32" longer.

    Maybe this can be of help someone in the future.

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    In my research I found here a site that sells a longer y adjuster for this problem.

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    I fixed the thicker blade problem years ago by enlarging the slot in the chipbreaker in the needed direction, then brazing a piece of metal in the not needed direction. Easy peasy. Since that time, I've seen Rob Cosman has made chipbreakers with an adjustable hole.
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