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Thread: 12 volt drill users. Bosch anyone? Milwaukee too $$.

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    I have a set of ridgid 12v, I use them for everything I can. Only use 18v for heavy duty stuff,

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    My younger brother bought a house and had 0 tools to his name so I dumped my drill/impactor/sawzall on him and bought myself a cxs. I love the cxs but I am now without a small impactor. I am looking at the ps42 not sure if it comes in a set though

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    I have Bosch tools - usually use impacts a lot. Have 2 - 18volt 1/4" inch impact drivers , 1- 18volt impact driver also a drill driver can switch from impact to drill driver . I believe Bosch discontinued the drill driver that can be switch to impact driver , by pushing button on top to either drill or impact.
    Buy all my Bosch tools from CPOoutlet in Georgia. Excellent service.
    CPO has many reconditioned tools ,usually tools that were used to demonstrate at tool shows . CPO offers a 120 return on the reconditioned tools free shipping on orders over $49.00

    They have some 12volt reconditioned impact drivers Bosch now . Includes 2 batteries - 30 minute charger and carrying case . offer 10% off on reconditioned tools now .
    I ordered some 12volts impacts yesterday - for $75.00 each shipping included .
    With the120 day return policy and excellent service --from a very good tool seller. Been doing business with CPO for a number years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Wrenn View Post
    Don't have the Bosch, but have had the Ridgid set for years. Filled out the LSA. Never a problem with these tools. On my original (2006 purchase date) 12V LI drill, I've had a couple sets of FREE replacement batteries using LSA.
    Yep, haven't bought a battery since 2008. Long life, lots of power and best of all . . . compact. I did win a set with a 12v Bosch Drill/Impact for a magazine tip and it was very nice. I was well satisfied with the Ridgids and had several tools/batts all with LSA. I gifted the Bosch to a deserving forum member.
    She said “How many woodworking tools do you need?”
    I said “Why? Do you know someone who is selling some?”

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    I ended up with the M12 stuff when replacing my Makita 18v set due to defunct batteries. I liked the feel of the Bosch but the Milwaukee rep happened to be in HD when I looked and he gave me a ton of spare batteries and stuff for buying.

    I have the brushless impact, drill, and circ saw. I also have the hackzall, jig saw, vibrating tool, right angle drill and flash light. Two chargers and a battery for every tool.

    The biggest reason I jumped on the deal was all the free batteries. Usually the reason I buy new sets is because the batteries eventually give out and 2 batts cost as much as a new set.

    I like the M12 stuff but do wish it were a little more compact sometimes. It is much lighter than my 18v stuff but not as light as I hoped. That said I think it is well built and easily replaced 18v for my usage.

    from time to time I catch myself drooling at the new Makita compact 18v stuff but most sets don’t include a hammer drill and honestly I’m not sure it would improve on the M12 sets other than consolidating batteries and charger to my track saw.

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    The only gripe I have with any of them is the jigsaw lacks a dust blower.
    A file for a 3D printed attachment exists to make a blower attachment. Alternatively, a dust port exists in the Euro market but is extremely hard to source stateside.

    These aren't the kind of tools you'd use on a construction site, but for in the shop I find them indispensable.
    I disagree entirely. We've had the bosch drivers/ drills / impacts on cabinet installs since they arrived in the early 2000's Plenty capable and the first sets of batteries and units just died out last year. They aren't the kinds of tools that a plumber or electrician would likely get by with for rough-ins, nor would they be suited for framing decks everyday. But for trim out, I don't think they can be beat. 12v is more for precision type work than drilling 5" holes and driving 1/2" lags into sills.

    The batteries provide a charge for a long time, except for the oscillating multi-tool.
    yes, but the multi tool gets good runtime if you use the 3.0 Ah battery or the larger 4.0 -or- 6.0 Ah ones. The gearbox really designed for sustained heavy use, so the battery life kinda matches the tool's capability.

    I like drills that have the option of standing upright. Both the Milwaukee and Bosch 12v drills are precarious in that orientation.
    If you use the 4.0 or 6.0 Ah batteries; both brand drills will easily stand upright. Longer life/more power is a small bonus.

    For a drill or driver, I consider the most important feature to be ergonomics.
    Absolutely, the bosch units have a larger diameter / flatter handle , while milwaukee has a skinnier more round handle. You gotta hold them to tell a difference.

    One thing to think about before you buy the Bosch is that their 12v system is much more limited than Milwaukee, and it matters, since the batteries are a huge part of the price
    Well, sort of. The batteries are the major part of the price. Oft times it's cheaper to get a "kit" with two new batteries than to buy 2 separate batteries. Yes the bosch lineup is smaller than milwaukee, but pretty much all the bases are covered for the woodworker. Bosch has a better jigsaw by far, and milwaukee doesn't have a router or planer offering or flex-clic. It boils down to ergonomics for me.


    I own both platforms but prefer the Bosch for the drills/drivers. Their planer is an absolute gem. But I also like the milwaukee solderer, air compressor, staple gun and tubing cutter. Their 3" cutoff saw is much better than bosch's, but I like bosch's handheld LED lites better. Milwaukee's dual platform charger for 12v + 18v batteries is a beauty.
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    I have the M12 drill/driver set that I got several years ago for a great price with 2 regular batteries and one larger battery and a charger. I am happy with the ergonomics (I have large hands) and battery performance. The drill isn't quite as powerful as I would like -- it sometimes bogs down when used with a doweling jig in hard woods -- but is otherwise good. I have looked at the other tools in the lineup, particularly the oscillating saw, but haven't had a real need and haven't bitten yet.

  8. I've had both the M12 impact and driver and Bosch 12V impact and driver. I prefer the Bosch. It's more compact, and if you ever take them apart, you can tell the Bosch's housing is beefier, less toy-like. The M12 has way more tools available, if that's important, but for a drill/driver brushless and not, Bosch wins hands-down.

    For the record, I have M18 fuel drill & driver, but they get used probably 1/100th of the time the 12Vs do. It's just so nice is have so much power in a small form.

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    I assembled bikes for 8 years as a retirement job. I tried Bosch, but found the Milwaukee more ergonomic to use and also, seemed more torquey...the impact drivers I mean. It just felt more solid.

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    I have the Bosch 12V drill and impact and am happy with them

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    I have never been disappointed in a tool that I purchased at Lowes or Home Depot.

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