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Thread: Advantages of Fixed-bed Planers

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    Advantages of Fixed-bed Planers

    Hello all.

    Grizzly just announced two new fixed-bed planers, the G0890 and G0891. I was wondering what the advantage, if any, of a fixed-bed planer over a planer where the bed moves up and down. If it makes any difference, I'm looking at getting a 15" or 20" planer.


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    The only advantage is if you want a fixed extension table.

    That said, larger planers with a moveable bed use accordion type indeed and outfeed extensions.

    I don’t think any of us would turn our nose up at a Martin.

    Pick the planer you like the best, one thing to consider is that for furniture use, you should make sure that if it has bed rollers you can lower them below the table.....Rod

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    Fixed beds are nice is you are challenged for room. My bandsaw table is also an infeed for my small planers. It is cheaper to move a table than move a head and motor so most planers use a stable platform for the head, motor, and belt and adjust the table. Some only on two legs, the better ones on all four corners. There are more important considerations, diameter of head, thickness of castings, design of chipbreakers and pressure bar, and quality of motor, to worry about. Bed rollers are low on my list too. Dave

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