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Thread: URGENT help needed: how to pas through long material in Trotec SP500

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    URGENT help needed: how to pas through long material in Trotec SP500

    Hello Just got a Trotec SP500 with the bed with 49" x 28". It has a long strip metal piece that can be opened, but the whole clear door has to be wide open in order to put a long material into the machine.

    So my question for those who actually have experience in this model:

    How can I close the door while still putting in a long piece (say, a door, a 4x8' sheet)? Is there a optional door that can actually do this?

    I am waiting online if you can help me fast! thanks.

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    I'm not familiar with that machine but with my Speedy 300 I use magnets to bypass the interlocks.
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    Thanks Mike for your reply. What they call "pass through" is kind of misleading. I was expecting that the door still in a closed position with two long narrow horizontal opennings for materials passing through. That is not the case. You have to have the door wide open. Even cheap chinese machines have this convenient feature.

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    It's not so convenient when you need to pass 1-1/2" thick piece of 2-by-4 thru that long, narrow 1-1/4" opening
    I actually use 2x4's to BLOCK the rear opening in my Triumph so I can steer the incoming air...

    I just read up on this machine- Trotec intended the door to be wide open when using the passthru- to extract smoke with the door open they have a laser-head mounted vacuum hose attachment that draws smoke away right at the laser head as it's produced. Not sure if you have the attachment, but according to what I just read on the Trotec website, the pass-thru is 'optional', and so is the vacuum attachment- whether the attachment comes automatically with the pass-thru, I'm not sure. And it stand to reason if the machine is intended to run with the door open, the door interlocks would be disabled somehow.

    Screenshot of the vacuum attachment on a Speedy 500, which I would assume would be the same on the SP500...

    For what it's worth, I own 3 fibers and 4 C02 lasers, the fiber's are 'wide open', and I run all my C02's with the doors wide open. The only exception is when I'm cutting in my big 1390 Triumph, and only because the cabinet is so big the smoke takes awhile to evacuate. For safety reasons, I'm not actually recommending always leaving the doors open, I'm just making the statement that it's possible, and that I do...
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