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Thread: Old Hardware Store Finally Throwing in the Towel

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    Curt, I used to go there (Finkles) in the 90s and early ought years. I was wondering if that store still exists. I knew it was in Lambertville, but I couldnít remember the name of the store.

    There was also another hardware store further west in Pennsylvania. They still sold loose cut nails by the pound.

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    It didn't take much time to clean up the two old items found in the old hardware store. First was the string dispenser. It took a bit of rearrangement to clear a spot:

    String Dispenser.jpg

    The spoke pointer seemed to work fine as it was. That is not excuse to not clean it up and hone the blade. Learned a bit about the maker in the process:

    G.N. Stearns Spoke Pointer.jpg

    George N. Stearns developed health issues and his son, Edward C. Stearns took over the business in about 1877.

    It actually works quite well:

    Pointing a Spoke.jpg

    And the finished work:

    Pointed Spoke.jpg

    Now to work on making a spot for a drawer and a drawer to go in it.

    It has been tempting to go back and look under more piles of stuff. My resistance seems to be winning at the moment.

    "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
    - Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

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    I'd go back! For what it's worth. ;0)

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    Yes I too loved the old traditional hardware store.....You got exactly what you wanted, you could test it and you got usually good advice...I call that SERVICE and its generally sadly lacking in today's big box stores....Nearest i use now is the local ACE which comes close to that most of the time..My age is showing Jim. you did well.

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    We had a very similar hardware store. Ernest and sons. It just closed last year and opened in 1905. They had a little bit of everything. From bandsaw blades to kitchen utensils. What I miss is all the old hardware they had. Stuff for windows and doors from the first half of the 1900s.

    I was in there a few years back and spotted a perfect condition Stanley 45 combination playing in a wooden box. It look like itís probably been there since it was originally ordered. I asked the gentleman that owned the store and ran it if it was for sale. He said 250 bucks and itís yours, to which I replied absolutely. Upon further reflection he decided to not sell it that day.

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