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Thread: Operating system for older EX24

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    Operating system for older EX24

    I have an EX24 machine and the computer crapped the bed this morning. Iíve bandaid fixed it once before with a new power supply button, but itís doing the same thing again. I am unable to power on the computer. What OS do I need to get for it? I know the one in it now is Windows XP, am I able to upgrade it to something newer such as Windows 10? Thanks.

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    I googled EX24 laser and all I got was a laser light show generator--? Not sure of your unit!

    That said- any windows 7 computer should work where an XP did, if not by itself, by using the 'compatibility' function. My Gravostyle 5.3 and 98 software won't load in 7 until I set up the XP compatibility, then all is good--

    IF your computer won't be on the internet, you can probably find a half dozen free XP computers within minutes on Craigslist, if none are for sale, place a "I need" ad...

    Decent Win7 computers can be had for $50 to $75...
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    Thanks for the reply. The computer will be connected to the internet.

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    So what is an EX24?
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    Windows just released an update for windows XP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Null View Post
    So what is an EX24?
    Sorry, itís an older model Epilog. Suits my purposes fine.

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