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Thread: Woodworking Magazines

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    When you look around on YouTube, Reddit and Instagram to all these "makers" that are out there, they are building quick, simple projects that any person can do. It's been nice for woodworking in the sense because it gets more people interested in the hobby and people making things instead of always buying cheap furniture can be good.

    The problem seems to be that these magazines are competing for that market instead of people who want to take their woodworking to the next level. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I will see an article on a topic or project that is "next level" but it's not that common. I get why they do it, it's a bigger market pool, a lot of these newer woodworkers want to buy jigs to make things easier, simpler and safer (not a knock on people who buy jigs, I get it) and it's easy to sell that ad page spot to an advertiser that makes that jig.

    Sadly though, I think magazines will continue this direction and people who want to get more advanced in woodworking either need to take a class with someone skilled, read a book by someone skilled or follow one of the very few blogs out there of skilled woodworkers.

    Complete side note, used book sales sometimes carry some decent woodworking books and usually can get them for a $1!

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    I dropped my subscriptions years ago though I still have a lot of FWW mags on hand. With the various forums and You Tube I don't need magazines. I did read most of the ads as my way of keeping up with the hobby.
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    PW went by the wayside a couple years ago. it was my favorite with CS and MF were editors. I would occasionally pick up a copy off the rack, but today it is even hard to find a display rack of magazines. I still take FWW and will continue to do so. While I am in the digital world I still like a book or magazine in my hand.

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    Good point, Jason.

    Regards from Perth


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