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Thread: thoughts on King KC-12HJPC jointer/planer

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    thoughts on King KC-12HJPC jointer/planer

    Wondering if anyone has tried out the King KC-12HJPC 12 jointer planer with spiral cutter head.
    I don't normally buy multi use machines, but because of space and the fact that it can joint a 12" board, sounds appealing to me.

    I have never used a spiral or helical cutter head and I see some people comment about the small grooves they leave in the wood surface. Is this an issue?

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    Hi Dave, all circular heads leave mill marks.

    Iíve used Felder and Hammer machines and they work well, their spiral head is nice.

    My decision on the J/P boiled down to service, I donít believe asking provides service???

    I really appreciate the capacity and space saving of combination machines.....Rod

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