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Thread: Woodwork Projects for Kids

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    Woodwork Projects for Kids

    I am part of Makerspace Group, and I am looking for some simple woodwork projects for kids. We have various age groups, and a limited amount of space- room for about 6 kids at a time. Looking for various projects to engage them - like boxes, candy dispensers - anything they can create in a couple of hours.



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    Hello, I cut out parts for birdhouses. Then I assemble the birdhouses with 1 inch drywall screws.. Then I sand them.
    Disassemble the and let the kids assemble them using 1 1/4 drywall screws. They only use a Phillips screwdriver.
    They seem to enjoy making them.
    Good luck, Kevin


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    There are numerous plans out there for rubber band powered race cars.
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    Bird Houses, toy cars, air plane toy, coat hanger (board with pegs), box for crayons. Also tons of projects out there with popsicle sticks from baskets to toys.

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    You were not specific as to age group, but, Paul sellers feels that making a frame saw is a great project to do with a child. Obviously some parts would need to be at least partially prepared ahead of time. I have not tried it, so I cannot comment on the time he says it will take. He doe almost everything in under an hour, but his blades are already pre-drilled and cut to length.

    If I remember correctly, he made blades from these:

    They are inexpensive, but, you could also purchase blades pre-cut to size from Highland if I remember correctly.

    Other obvious choices were already mentioned, but even those mostly require a certain level of preparation.

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    What about Gum Ball machine plans for kids - anybody got anything?


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    Hi Pat,

    Makerspace is very cool. I'm the CFO of a private foundation in Denver. We just funded a Makerspace project in rural southeast Colorado that seeks to engage older adults in projects using wood, glass, metal, fabric and plastic.


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