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Thread: Older Performax Supermax 25x2 Manual

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    Older Performax Supermax 25x2 Manual

    I recently picked up a user Performax Supermax 25x2, model number 613g01. The manuals I'm seeing online seem to be for a slightly different model (e.g. drum switch is mounted vertically, rather than immediately next to the belt speed control). So far, Googling has only turned up a vintage price listing for the model, not an actual manual. I'm sure *someone* out there has an older model similar to mine.

    Part of the reason I'm looking for the manual is to identify what replacement switch I need to order, as mine has shorted out

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    I have a manual. PM me your email and I will send it

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    Could you please send this manual to thanks.

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    on the way

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    Awesome. Love it.
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  6. Could you send manual to

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